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Beginner Jazz Drum Book

Beginner Jazz Drum Book

Jazz is one of the most artistic and intriguing genre of music and especially so for the jazz drummer. Playing jazz music gives the drummer the opportunity to exhibit his amazing technical drumming skills and capabilities.

Jazz drumming is not only challenging but rewarding for the drummer - what could be better than that! However, most drummers choose not to take the time to learn how to play jazz drums properly which is partly due to its wide range of technicalities unlike most other forms of music.

Learn to play jazz drums the RIGHT WAY with a professional drumming instruction.

Jazz Drumming System - Professional Step-by-Step Course to Learn Jazz Drums

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Jazz Drum Lessons Insights

Here are some jazz drums playing tips to give you a basic insight on jazz drumming.

Jazz Drumming Lesson Tips #1 - As a jazz drummer it is your job to accent the other members in your band, it is especially important that you focus on listening to the dynamics in each song you play. It will take lots of practice to develop your groove, dynamics, and timing to play comfortably in a jazz band; however you will find it very rewarding when you get to this stage in your drumming career.

Jazz Drumming Lesson Tips #2 - Hi-hat stepping. Ok. Let's start with your hi-hat stepping on the 2 and 4 count to a piece of swing music. It is critical to keep this count over top of everything else that you play. Next, add ride the cymbal with a triplet tempo and feel. Practice these moves to perfection before going further with your drum lessons.

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Jazz Drumming Lesson Tips #3 - The signature element of jazz drumming is your ride pattern. This will be our starting point, and I'm almost positive that it has been the starting point for every other jazz drummer in the world. You are going to be hitting the ride cymbal with your right hand if you are a right handed player, or your left hand if you are a left handed player. Stay relaxed; being relaxed is one of the most important things you have to do when playing jazz.

Jazz Drumming Lesson Tips #4 - For developing single strokes and a deeper understanding of basic rhythmic subdivisions practice the following exercise. In 4/4 play the BD in quarter notes and the HH on beats 2 and 4.As a starting point set the metronome between 60 -80 and on the SD play 4 measures of whole notes, followed by 4 mm. of half notes, half note triplets, quarter notes, quarter note triplets, eighth notes, eighth note triplets, sixteenth notes, sixteenth note triplets and 32nd notes. Then repeat and orchestrate around the drum set. Notice you are going from 1 to 2 then 3, 4, 6, 8,12,16,24 then 32 notes per measure. Keep all subdivisions even, smooth, connected and flowing. Increase the tempo as your chops develop. You can also play this exercise with double strokes and paradiddle stickings. Eventually you can add quintuplets and septuplets in their appropriate sequential order. I hope these tips have helped. If you want to learn jazz drums, check out this professional jazz drum lessons course...

Beginner Jazz Drum Book

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Jazz Drumming Video Lesson

Jazz Drumming System is widely recognized as the best home instruction course for learning jazz drums available anywhere. This is the BEST alternative to expensive and incompetent private jazz drums teachers.

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Jazz Drumming System Dvd Course

The "Jazz Drumming System" is specifically designed for anybody who wants to teach yourself to play jazz drums. You no longer have to pay expensive recurring fees for private drums instruction. Have fun learning the drums while jamming along to professionally recorded tracks like a true musician.... with Play-Along Cds!

Here's a list of jazz drumming that you'll learn:

- Different Jazz music styles
- Jazz, Latin, or World
- Drum set comping
- Developing Jazz grooves
- Unique Jazz fills
- Jazz feels in different time signatures
- Plus tons more.......!

On top of step by step videos lessons that teaches you with multi-angled camera views, the Jazz Drumming System course also covers essential drumming lessons for complete musicianship on topics such as Drum Rudiments, Broken Ride Patterns, Ear Training, Dynamic Drums Techniques, Drums Improvising, Playing with Brushes, Jazz Drums Soloing etc...

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Beginner Jazz Drum Book

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